A Lesson From COVID-19

A Moment of Gratitude
One lesson I have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is to appreciate the little things we often take for granted. As I sit here typing this email, my neighbors are outside throwing a frisbee. WOW! I haven’t seen a frisbee in a long time. But it appears people are finding quality ways to reconnect with one another. 

Today, I've slowed down to appreciate small acts of kindness. I'm thankful for ALL essential employees who are at risk every time they leave their homes. While this is a very difficult time in our world, I am grateful for family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and those who find creative ways to stay connected.

I especially want to thank delivery drivers whom I see daily placing packages on our doorsteps. The next time you look outside your window, take a moment to thank those who are still on the "front lines" so that we can go another day! 

LaTanya C.
Bubbles & Reign Soaps 

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