What I Have Learned

Hi Reign Family,

Just wanted to give a quick update regarding handmade products and skin care.

For whatever reason, we as consumers trust products from name brands more than those made by small business owners.Please pay attention to your skin needs and the ingredients that you find in name brand soaps. If your skin feels dry after showering and you need lotion, that means the soap is high cleansing and low on moisturization. Take a look at the ingredients.Are there oils and butters included? FYI - ingredients are listed by amounts present. So the first ingredient makes up the largest portion of the product, and so on.

I am learning that making high end products is very possible and not difficult at all. It takes a stick blender, ingredients and patience. I challenge you to start making one product - perhaps a body oil. Avocado and sunflower oils make great additions to your skincare routine. For added healing, add a few drops of rosehip. Jojoba is also a great alternative (yet more costly) because it matches our skin's natural sebum. 

I'd like to answer any questions you have about our skin care products at Bubbles & Reign Soaps or clear up any misconceptions. We're in this together!


Oh...and new product alert - BODYWASH! Look for them to launch around Valentine's Day!


Bubbles Up!


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